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You may have read an article I published late last year titled “Nx, React & Tailwind made Simple”. At the time I wrote that, Tailwind 2.0 was just getting released and there were some sharp edges with postcss compatibility— which is why I wrote the thing. Well, its about three months later and the good news is that we can simplify our integration of Tailwind in Nx for react applications. That is what this article is about. It’s a lighter, simpler and cleaner way to do the same thing.

All the steps

Step 1: Create your Nx workspace

Every framework and library seems to have its own SDL format for data models. This leads to model definition duplication at best and complete and utter chaos at worst.

This article details one approach that is fairly simple and useful when you have both libraries and applications that need to share data models across business domains.

The selected DMF (Data Model Format) is Prisma’s schema and from this schema I show you how it can manage your SQL DB model, API Server and React Client data model as well as how to bind the model to a generated GraphQL service…

In this ongoing series of things I do with my projects to make them work, I thought it might be good to talk about setting up deployments. After all, you spend all this time building an app — knowing how to package it up and run it can be useful too.

Some assumptions about who you are: - you know enough docker stuff to be dangerous (docker-compose included) - you know the difference between running a dev, test and production build - you are familiar with Nginx - you have an Nx workspace setup with an app composed of a…

Data makes the world go around so they say. In this article I detail how I use Prisma with Nx to maintain my data models. It is an approach that keeps the model isolated from the underlying “implementation details” and keeps me sane when things in the model need to change.

A few assumptions about who you are first:
- you know enough SQL to be dangerous
- you have played with Nx a bit and understand what the workspace.json …

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UPDATE (Feb.17.2021): New, simpler approach is available — see

Original Post

I am writing this post after doing something that worked and then forgetting what I did. I tried searching for a similar solution to help me recall what I forgot I did and discovered that the info out there is perhaps not the best approach. Essentially these are just some developer notes on an approach to integrating tailwind with my Nx managed workspace with a react app.

Ok, so some context first. I am a fan of Tailwind CSS. Years of fighting with Ant, Material Design, Bootstrap and…

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Docker is an excellent tool for packaging and shipping software. I won’t spend time championing the virtues of containerization as it has been covered by many others who are better wordsmiths than me.

This article will show you how to setup your OSX Catalina host (or any other *nix type system) machine to take advantage of Docker when using GCloud SDK. You should be able to adapt this approach for many other similar tools and utilities with minor modification. For context, I went down this path because my personal development machine had a lot of issues running GCloud SDK out…

After 6 years I have decided to make a change. I have resigned from Google and this Friday is my last day. Next Monday, I’m starting a new gig at Credit Karma (, a fintech company. I’ll be using my experience, gained in Developer Relations to develop a DevRel org within Credit Karma.

I will still be in the Bay Area — just working in SF.

Questions I have been asked:

Q: Why would you ever leave Google?

A: I am an explorer — it took me 6 years but I feel I have explored the interesting bits to my…

Unity Game Development: Detect Android TV at Runtime

I am a Developer Advocate for Strategic Games partnerships at Google. My role allows me to work with a lot of talented people in the games industry. The thing I enjoy most about my job is that I get to help developers solve interesting engineering problems which provides a tone of learning material. This post is my first on and I will provide some code to solve a problem that I have answered a number of times for Unity game developers.


“How can I detect if my game is running on…

Kristan 'Krispy' Uccello

Sr.SWE-II @ Credit Karma — ex-Googler

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